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Every new home or renovation requires numerous decisions.

Ultimately, it all starts with defining your design style. If you’re looking for a statement-making, contemporary look that complements a variety of design styles, you will embrace the beauty and versatility of our satin stainless steel.

Whether a reflective  style or a classic like satin black, these characteristics lend a sense of spaciousness and provides dimension with a stunning finish. Whether installing a brand new staircase or modifying an existing one, it’s always a great idea to consult with one of our professionals to help guide you through the decision-making process. There may be some construction challenges or code regulations that you may need to consider that can impact design.

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What will you create?

From simple and functional to sophisticated and intricate, Iron Balusters Canada has a spindle to complement and define your style. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes, so the possibilities to mix and match spindles / balusters and accessories, is nearly endless.
Iron Balusters Canada sells only highly versatile spindles with consistent, durable finishes that deliver exceptional results.


We have MORE stair baluster choices than any other hand railing supplier in Canada.

Your one-stop baluster shop in Canada for tube steel spindles. Home owners, contractors, retail consumers looking to buy metal balusters at great wholesale discounts from a trusted source, look no more!

We carry both “square shaft” and “round shaft” baluster choices and now stock 9 designer colors for all your of metal stair railings needs.

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Yukon ( YT )

Iron Balusters Canada Wide Shipping August 11, 2017

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We ship our metal stair parts “door to door” to all provinces and territories.

Our iron spindles are in many homes across Canada. From Newfoundland (NL) and the Maritimes, to Ontario (ON) and Central Canada, as far west as British Columbia (BC).

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